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The Tootsie Roll Lady: A Memoir of Mental Illness, Alcoholism, & Faith; 2019 Edition

Mental illness? What is it? It may not be what you think. Travel on with one woman dealing with both mental illness and physical illness, and the effects on the loved ones in her life. Come to this book with an open mind, not one influenced by your cultural stereotypes, religious beliefs, or political influences, to see a perspective of mental illness from the patient’s point of view.

This edition includes new content, going beyond 2005, where the original book ended. There is a great amount of renewed hope. Buy it now at

What readers thought:

I really enjoyed this book. God has delivered Mary from so much! What a testimony to the goodness of God! I’m so thankful He doesn’t give up on any of us.” –Margaret  Besonen Hoeft

“My family and friend circles include people struggling with mental illness of varying degrees. Reading about Mary’s journey has helped me better understand these situations.” –Chris Van Wynen

The Tootsie Roll Lady: a Memoir of Mental Illness, Alcoholism & Faith

This is the original story of the discovery of a mental illness that had influenced one woman’s entire life, and the hope for a better life with the assistance of caregivers. Currently out of print; it can be found at many online second-hand book sellers.

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Applying Acts (working title)

A study of the beginning of the church and applications to be made based on the numerous examples of the early Christians.