Author Bio

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mary B. Grimm. I’m an author, but also a wife, mother, alcoholic, diabetic, and have experienced mental illness. In everything I do, I try to put Jesus first. Many of my writings have a Christian focus as a result; however, I also touch on mental health issues, general encouragement, and sometimes, just ramblings.

My past includes stints as a secretary, administrative assistant, a security guard, a lab assistant, a high school teacher, and several years as a guest teacher at local schools. I went to Western Michigan University for my Bachelor degree and Eastern Michigan University for my Master degree. Now I spend my time volunteering with various mission groups, taking care of my health, and writing.

I’m still in the process of becoming. Aren’t we all? While doing this I live in Fowlerville, Michigan with my husband and two cats. At various times, we also have grown daughters living with us as they continue their college educations. My son is married and I am waiting for the announcement of grandkids.