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The Tootsie Roll Lady: a Memoir of Mental Illness, Alcoholism & Faith 2019 Edition

“I really enjoyed this book. God has delivered Mary from so much! What a testimony to the goodness of God! I’m so thankful He doesn’t give up on any of us.” –Margaret  Besonen Hoeft, Fowlerville, MI

“Because of Mary’s story, I know that people with mental health problems can live thriving lives, because she has done it. It takes God’s help, lots of work, and the support of many others, but it is totally possible.” –Jean LaPlante, Eagan, MN

“My family and friend circles include people struggling with mental illness of varying degrees. Reading about Mary’s journey has helped me better understand these situations.” –Chris Van Wynen, Fowlerville, MI

“Faith in God does not inoculate Christians from the human experience of suffering, addiction, and mental illness. Mary’s story highlights how God’s persistent love penetrated the isolation she felt while living with bipolar disorder, alcoholism and diabetes. As Mary bravely shares her deepest shame, we see God’s goodness. She demonstrates how faith can lead one toward recovery and wholeness, and how necessary it is for the church to break through the stigma and shame of mental illness—to love boldly.” –Katherine M. Gute, LMSW, ACSW, Grand Ledge, MI

“My friend and author, Mary Grimm, has done an awesome job in the book of sharing her experience and strength. This book will help you if you struggle in the area of mental illness or alcoholism, and encourage you to see you are not alone and there is hope.” –Diane Folts, Fowlerville, MI

“The experiences Mary shares in The Tootsie Roll Lady show us that while God doesn’t prevent all mental illness among his children, He remains present in the midst of our struggles and is a source of comfort and help.” –Kristine M. Nelson, Professionally Certified Educational Therapist, Nampa, ID


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