God is Interested in Everything

If it affects us, God is interested. There is nothing too small for Him to care about. Thinking, “Why pray about this? It’s such a small thing!” is not lightening the load for God. He’s already interested in it. Therefore, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6). Everything! Even the small stuff.

In 2 Kings 6 there are two stories during the time of the prophet Elisha that I’m meditating upon. The first one, verses 1-7, tells of a group of true prophets desiring to build a bigger place to stay since they were outgrowing the place they had all been living in (including Elisha). As they were cutting down trees for the construction, one prophet’s ax head fell into the Jordan River. He was upset because it was a valuable tool and he had borrowed it or it had been donated to the cause. The matter was taken to Elisha, and through Elisha, God caused the ax head to float to the top of the water where it was easily retrieved.

Why is this story included in God’s everlasting Word? I think it is a reminder to us that God cares about the little things in our lives and wants us to go to Him with these seemingly insignificant problems. He may not cause our ax heads to float, but He is listening and working out the best solution for each of us. As I studied this, I brought before God my “little” concerns: the border between Canada and the U.S. being closed preventing us from picking up our newly constructed camping trailer, and the likelihood of my presentation and book signing event being canceled (or rescheduled?) due to Coronavirus restrictions. In the overall scheme of the events happening in the world, these events will not have an eternal effect. Yet, I’m encouraged to remember that God is interested and in some way the delays (and that’s all they really are) of these events are still of interest to God.

The second story, verses 8-23, tells of great international events that also needed to be touched by the hand of God. These events were raids and skirmishes from Aram (modern day Syria) into Israel. The king of Aram planned several times to attack (possibly with the goal of killing Jehoram, king of Israel) in places where Israel’s army was the weakest. Each time, Elisha “saw” because of his connection to God the planned attack and Elisha warned Jehoram so Israel’s troops moved to those locations. Eventually, at Elisha’s request, God confused the army of Aram and Elisha led them directly to the capitol city of Israel where they could be easily routed. That’s not what happened there, but the end result was that Aram left Israel alone for a period of time.

This story reminds me that God is interested in the big events happening on the Earth. The current pandemic stemming from Coronavirus is not a surprise to Him. And, even while we can’t see how, God’s plan allowed for this to happen. He is interested. I can have peace and rely on Him for protection. However, just like in the last section of 2 Kings 6, our national/international disobedience can cause God’s hand of blessing and protection to be lifted from us. I can’t change the whole world, but I can be careful to repent and follow the commandments God has given me in His Word.

He is interested and involved in the seemingly small and the obviously big problems. I wait in anticipation to see the miracles He works in each situation.

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