Understand Mental Illness

BOOK LAUNCH: The Tootsie Roll Lady: a Memoir of Mental Illness, Alcoholism, & Faith 2019 Edition

            Author Mary B. Grimm updates her 2009 memoir with current day cultural stereotypes, religious beliefs, and political influences in mind. The new book is published and available now at Lulu.com. It’s time to remove the stigma attached to mental illness.

            Society in general has come to view the mentally ill through the eyes of the media and by the comments of politicians. Those reports cover the rare, outrageous, extremely violent, and unusually severe cases of specific kinds of mental illness. The belief is that hope for recovery is dim. Most people with mental illness are not suffering that type of mental illness. Mary’s story shows there is help and hope for the majority of sufferers of mental illness.

Readers have said:

  • “I really enjoyed this book. God has delivered Mary from so much! What a testimony to the goodness of God! I’m so thankful He doesn’t give up on any of us.” –Margaret  Besonen Hoeft
  • “My family and friend circles include people struggling with mental illness of varying degrees. Reading about Mary’s journey has helped me better understand these situations.” –Chris Van Wynen

            An in-person presentation and book signing will be held once the restrictions from Covid-19 are lifted. A previously scheduled event at the Fowlerville District Library for May 14th is likely canceled.

MARY B. GRIMM is a recovering bipolar person. She has faced down her demons and continues to do so, with the help of God’s Word and influence in her life. As a wife, mother to three, teacher, and writer she conveys information from a refreshing perspective about bipolar disorder, alcoholism, diabetes management, and various issues stemming from traumatic experiences throughout her life. Book can be purchased from Lulu.com.

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